Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon




Sail the seven seas and become a fishing tycoon


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Board a boat, sail the seven seas and catch loads of different fish in the causal game Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon. This time, your mission is to make millions as a successful fisherman!

In Hooked Inc: Fishing Tycoon, you begin the adventure with just one simple boat, fishing rod, and crew member. Simply swipe your finger across the screen to catch fish and earn money that you can use to upgrade various parts of your boat, fishing rod, bait, and other fishing equipment. And hire new crew members of course!

There's more than 20 different crew members to choose from Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon, and you'll earn a bonus with each member you add to your crew. So the more crew members you have, the more money you earn! On top of that, there's thousands of upgrades you can buy for your fishing rod and boat.

Overall Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon is a simple -but entertaining- fishing game, with great graphics. Explore the depths of the ocean, catch legendary fish and discover extraordinary treasures in this fun fishing game!
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Although videogames are a way of escaping reality for many of us, it's also a fact that there are tons of games that simulate real-life activities. Simulators have a lot of fans, and fishing titles are one of the favorite genres of them all. That's why we've chosen to put together the best fishing games available on Android. It's not all about simulators though; to add some more variety to the list, we've selected all sorts of titles related to fishing.
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Become the best fisherman of them all in Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon

No one would have expected fishing to become a hot topic in the world of videogames until Ridiculous Fishing turned the sport into an all-out hit. Yes, there were fishing games that came before it (just look at SEGA Bass Fishing), but the title by Vlambeer has made this theme shine, with simple mechanics taken straight out of arcade games. Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon takes us back out on the open water to try to catch as many fish as possible by tapping the screen.
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Android 4.1 or higher required

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